Trichet critical monopoly credit rating agencies Fitch, Standard & Poor's and Moody's

President of European Central Bank (ECB), Jean-Claude Trichet, considers it appropriate to break the monopoly world represented by credit rating agencies Fitch, Standard & Poor's and Moody's.

Local - 13-11-2013 09:45:52

Debranşaţii will have to pay the heat pipes and walls of neighbors. Who loses and who wins the triple "common heat"

Common parts heating costs could triple this winter. And those who were totally disconnected from the centralized heating system could be forced to pay between 30 and 50 percent of heating bills.

Social - 12-11-2013 12:29:39

Key Euribor rate reached its peak Tuesday last 11 months

Euribor three months, a key indicator of interest for the euro, climbed Tuesday to its highest in the last 11 months, driven by the sharp decline of the ECB injected additional liquidity in the money markets, but also the persistent fear of the debt crisis euro.

World - 11-11-2013 11:50:27

Romania ranks sixth in EU energy from renewable resources by the consumer

Romania ranks sixth among EU Member States the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption in 2008, while the third most powerful increase in this percentage in 2006-2008, according to figures released Tuesday by Eurostat.

Overview - 09-11-2013 13:46:36

Patriciu Black Sea Global Services unit, and Quintet in DinuPatriciuGlobalService

Businessman Dinu Patriciu companies joined Black Sea Global Services (BSGS) and quintet, which it controls, into a single structure, called DinuPatriciuGlobalServices (DPGS), which will manage assets of 1.3 billion euros in Romania and Western Europe.

Energy - 08-11-2013 17:33:35

KazMunaiGaz may redeem shares from the State may take over at Rompetrol

KazMunaiGaz, which owns Rompetrol, could redeem the shares that the government may take over the Rompetrol Refining, where the Kazakh company will not pay off debt to the Romanian state, said on Tuesday President Rompetrol Saduokhas Meraliyev.

Money - 04-11-2013 14:58:42

Romania's public debt reached in April to 34% of GDP

Romania's public debt increased by 9 billion lei (2.2 billion) in April and reached 34.07% as a share of GDP, up four percentage points from its level at end of first quarter, according to Ministry of Public Finance (MFP).

Overview - 01-11-2013 14:45:44

Romania ranks 31 in world gold reserves by state

Romania is ranked 31 in the world after the official reserves of gold, in a ranking conducted by the United States, Germany and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to a report by World Gold Council (WGC).

Overview - 28-10-2013 14:12:41

Marko: At this point, I do not have to return the VAT should be consistent

President of UDMR, Marko Bela, said Tuesday that currently do not have to revert to the VAT rate, indicating that other variants can be expected and long-term measures in the budget year 2011, but 2010 should be respected decisions taken so far.

World - 27-10-2013 22:49:11

Dacia Sandero produced 300,000 cars, best selling model

Automobile Dacia produced the Sandero model number 300000, released in 2008, the most sold in the Dacia range, especially the Western European market, the carmaker said Tuesday in Mioveni.

World - 24-10-2013 17:20:03

Boc, dissatisfied with the pace of absorption of EU funds: Romania may lose money

Boc said that it is dissatisfied with the low level of actual payments made to EU funded programs in the total projects submitted and noted that, at this rate, Romania risks can not spend all money allocated for 2010 by the Community executive.

Energy - 21-10-2013 17:20:13

Boc Vladescu not a mandate to speak flat. Ministers to discuss issues not approved

Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday that Finance Minister has a mandate to discuss the issue publicly flat and progressive taxation, which was reviewed and approved the Government, and forbade ministers to public discussion in May introduce topics not have the opinion of the Executive.

Overview - 20-10-2013 14:48:36

Slovakia does not want to contribute 110 billion in aid promised by the EU and the IMF Greece

Slovak government opposes country's contribution to financial support package worth 110 billion euros, said the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) for Greece, Prime Minister Iveta Radicova, cited by Bloomberg.

Overview - 19-10-2013 15:43:13

The U.S. trade deficit rose unexpectedly in May, due to imports from China

The U.S. trade deficit rose unexpectedly in May, after the advance of imports from China canceled the impact of U.S. exporters penttru best months since September 2008, announced Thursday, the executive in Washington.

Local - 18-10-2013 16:42:38

Carriers: progressive income taxation will encourage illegal work

Progressive income taxation will encourage illegal employment and foreign investors away because the labor cost increases, the company states in the transport sector.

Energy - 17-10-2013 22:48:34

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